I am not just your traditional chiropractor. I understood early on in my career that I cannot limit myself to correcting misalignments and subluxations of the spine and the musculoskeletal system. My passion is to care for the person as a whole, and to assist in my patients' healing process using a broader holistic approach. In my practice I allow my special gifts of healing and love to be part of the treatment experience.
Being a firm believer in preventative care, I feel it is essential to maintain our health regularly. An essential part of this process is to make sure to de-stress physically and emotionally, removing blockages and restoring flow and life force to our bodies, for a healthy, balanced and joyous state of well being.                             




*Chiropractic treatment
with optional non-force techniques
*Craniosacral therapy
*Soft tissue release
*Hands on healing modalities
*Theta Healing
*Recall Healing
and more...

Chiropractor, Alternative & Holistic Care

(818) 512-0200

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